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  1. Seytonic

    Hey guys, first vid in a while (I know), I've been working on some new projects that you'll all find out about in the coming months.

    I got an editor to splice this video together, my first video not edited by me, do let me know what you think of the editing/(look and feel)

  2. magna86

    Hello, Can someone help me? I've stuck and dont know where…when I run the script for hashcat, I got "no hashes loaded" with Separator unmatched or (Token length exception when I run 12500)
    This is the rar hash:


    This is the runed script:

    "hashcat.exe -m 13000 -a3 $RAR3$*1*3666e3281230375a*85d39824*96*246*1*6efb122ce6003ab1d375facb074c755c79786727f76db98066d50a13abea80a1ea984530994abc362cf49eb0eaaabacc929a977b421d9a2a3f4fb751f396561eadd200725b020fb90ceeb9f7bffe6bdc3d07d55e83ffb9c66f081098a48a5441*33:1:: ?1?1?1?1?1?1"

    Now I know hashtype for rar3 isn't 13000 but hashcat can't load module for 23800 (that module file in modules folder does not exist)

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Thank you so much for anyone who respond to this.

  3. SirDiddisoftheDucks

    What is wrong with people?? This method is absolutely USELESS, I didn't come here because I knew exactly how long and what characters I used for the password, you thoughtless brain-damaged lying idiot. It would have been more useful for you to explain why there is no hope of cracking the file. You said that if I happened to know I used exactly 8 lowercase characters it would take 70 days to crack? even if I knew anywhere close to that much about the password this would be completely and hopelessly useless. At least be honest and take the word "smart" out of the title.

  4. Chaitra Rao

    Don't believe these fake videos! They all are just trying to trick you in some way… If you're trying to hack somebody's instagram account, then simply try using InstaCrook, it is the only working hack.

  5. carlitos dri

    @Seytonic i don't understand one thing… what i should write in the step 3:27 i don't know the password, i don't know if start in lowercase, uppercase, numbers…etc (and the long's password neither), So what do I have to write in that step? and your hash in 2:14 is veeeeeeeeeeery shorter than mine hahaha my rar have 4gb

  6. Jonathan Grabban

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  7. vetter abc

    Hello, anyone can help I get the password for this file "" ? I tried the way in the video, but not luck, i will very grateful if anyone can send a little time to help i get this pass, i really need it for my work right now, damn sure from now i will only set the pass as birthday or 1-9 to never forgot it 🙁


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